HMN Deepens Partnership With BroadSign

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Health Media Network LLC, the fast growing digital point-of-care media company based in Stamford, Connecticut, is continuing to expand and power its screens in medical offices and healthcare systems with BroadSign International LLC’s cloud-based digital signage software and solutions.

Health Media Network has been one of the biggest consumers of BroadSign’s Android-based smart player, BroadSign Xpress. All of the company’s deployments have been standardized on the media player since it became available to the market in August, 2013.

HMN reaches 44,000 high-prescribing physicians and over 200 million patients and caregivers annually through over 6,000 screens, delivering trusted healthcare communications that advance consumer health literacy and facilitate better conversations between doctors and patients. The network’s turnkey offering is completely advertiser-subsidized and provided at no charge to physicians.

“After several years of operating BroadSign’s robust and automated software on our growing network and benefiting from its increased functionality, we saw a promising revenue potential by adopting the fully-featured and -supported BroadSign Xpress smart player,” says Christopher Culver, president and CEO of HMN. “By working together, HMN and BroadSign have created a successful formula of layering services, leveraging locations and maximizing the power of the prescribing doctor.”

HMN installs and maintains equipment, and uses BroadSign’s platform to remotely monitor and manage programming. The BroadSign Creator web application enables offices and their screens to run different content, ensures that dynamic content is constantly refreshed via the Internet and accommodates copy changes within 24 hours.

In addition to HMN’s support of BroadSign solutions, the company is working with BroadSign to promote thought leadership in the digital signage healthcare vertical. Larry Newman, HMN’s COO, was the featured keynote speaker at the recent BroadSign Executive Forum: Healthcare in Germany and most recently spoke, in conjunction with BroadSign, at Digital Signage Expo. Key points included managing large health system deployments, stakeholders necessary for success and opportunistic trends happening in American and global health markets.

According to industry data published by DTC Perspectives Inc., digital point-of-care will be at least 10% of direct-to-consumer budget allocations in the next five years. That equates to $400-500 million in advertising spending, of which HMN intends to own a significant share due to an aggressive growth trajectory of acquisitions and organic expansion.

Skip Beloff, BroadSign’s vice-president of sales, says, “The content and technology partnership of BroadSign and HMN is effectively engaging, motivating and activating patients to close the gap between patients and their physicians.”

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