New Zealand’s First Digital Billboard Network

Maddie Cotterill

APN Outdoor, this week announced that it has the support of Auckland Council to expand its large format Digital Billboard offering with the recent approval of an additional four new networked sites in Auckland’s CBD.

Having launched New Zealand’s first large format, high resolution, roadside Digital Billboard in Auckland’s Queen Street in July 2013, APN Outdoor has seen it deliver compelling results for its clients. A recent study by the company found that the Digital Billboard has four times higher engagement than street furniture within the same path and unprompted ad recall rates of an extraordinary 78 per cent.

Off the back of Queen Street’s success, APN Outdoor will continue to lead the sector by adding four new Digital Billboard sites to its portfolio, with a combined daily audience reach of over 206,000. Backed by Auckland Council, APN Outdoor’s five Digital Billboards will be sold as a pack to create New Zealand’s first large format digital network.

Phil Clemas, General Manager, APN Outdoor commented on the industry coup: “This will not only enable APN Outdoor to claim a significant leadership stake in the Digital Outdoor space in NZ, but will do much to bring the local industry into the modern digital era.”

Nick Garrett, Managing Director, Colenso also commented, “Auckland is a vibrant city growing with a huge amount of potential so it’s important that the media industry is given the freedom to innovate at the same pace other markets are moving. APN Outdoor’s new Digital Billboards will naturally provide creative agencies with the scope we need to develop the interactive ideas our clients are asking for to keep consumers engaged and connected with their brands – exciting times.”

APN Outdoor will be installing state-of-the-art high resolution LED technology with architectural designs to integrate the new Billboards into the immediate surroundings.  “We worked closely with architect firm Jasmax to create design elements specific to each site that will enhance their overall visual appeal,” said Jamie Cameron, Commercial Director, APN Outdoor. “The city is very mindful of urban design matters, including unsightly clutter, so it was important we helped to improve the amenity values as part of our digital strategy.”

Spark PHD is also excited and encouraged by the commitment and investment APN Outdoor has directed towards future-proofing their business and rolling out a digital roadside network which will allow advertisers to be more creative with their Outdoor executions.

Scott Keddie, Group Trading Director, SparkPHD/PHDiQ said, “Given the predicted explosion of mobile ad spend, there is a huge opportunity for the Outdoor sector to provide more opportunities to connect with consumers and initiate social and mobile engagement whilst providing greater consideration of Outdoor within a multi-channel strategy.

“It is also testament to APN Outdoor for staying in tune with the digital evolution, especially considering their additional plans to further expand multiple digital Outdoor formats into Auckland Airport from late 2014. As an agency, we’re looking forward to the new opportunities for our clients leading into 2015.”

APN Outdoor’s four new large format, high resolution roadside Digital Billboards will all be located in prominent areas of Auckland’s CBD. The existing Queen Street Digital Billboard will be integrated to form a new network of five, with the network expected to launch in August 2014.

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