Disappointing In-Store Show

Chris Sheldrake

You know we say it as it is or at least the way we see it. We just got back from the in-store show in London and what a disappointment it was. As one senior exec in the industry told us on leaving “What a poor excuse for a show”. This used to be such a good event, it was a lot smaller than previous years and there were a lot of crappy stands.

Mediazest was good as we predicted but Mood Media on the other hand need some help – by looking at the stand you simply can’t tell what they do or what they are offering.

The 3M stand was unfortunately in an awful position and again lacked direction. As you know the problem with these guys is that they are part of the 3M commercial graphics division so the digital signage bit is always small and even the Virtual Mannequin stood out only as a nice gimmick rather than a very useful sales tool.

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