Admytv Using @Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Admytv, which describes itself as an innovative, place-based DOOH advertising IoT ad-tech device solution (it says it lights up ‘passive’ non-revenue generating screens to generate ad revenue and gather data from engaged consumers) has announced that it is using Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation to Trade Programmatically (using Vistar Media we believe).

Quividi, the leading audience & campaign intelligence platform for Digital Out of Home and admytv’s partnership will see admytv use Quividi’s Audience Measurement Platform’s new Sampling & Extrapolation product to provide audience data for its entire community of screens and trade its inventory programmatically.

Admytv’s innovation was specifically engineered to open up and expand the place-based DOOH advertising marketplace, doing so in a way that makes it easy for venue owners to benefit from the screens they already own and for advertisers to reach consumers easily and efficiently (via programmatic exchanges, using standard format IAB ad units). Admytv utilizes its ground-breaking PANDA (Programmatic Advertising Network Delivery Appliance) IoT device to light up currently “passive” (non-revenue generating) screens so newly ‘activated’ screens generate ad revenue and gather data for their owners.

Combined, admytv’s software and its PANDA IoT devices enable almost any screen to connect to the internet and deliver ad messages and content (both video and static), while continuously gathering key consumer data. This allows admytv to approach the place-based marketplace in a way never done before. Admytv’s solution means the company does not need to install expensive digital screens or even own the screens it activates. Instead, admytv simply empowers screens at key advertiser-desired, place-based venues to easily and inexpensively connect their screens to the growing place-based DOOH programmatic exchanges.

Admytv is currently deploying Quividi’s VidiReports software on a subset of its screens and will be the first US-based company to use Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation product to extrapolate the audience of its entire network.

Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation is the markets leading sampling approach modeling a DOOH Network’s audience. This new approach, designed by Quividi’s Data Science team over the past two years, leverages Quividi’s market-leading base of over 40Bn+ audience datapoints.

Sampling & Extrapolation estimates the minimum number of screens needed to collect audience data to then accurately extrapolate the audience to the entire network. It’s tailored to network operators, who for technical or budgetary reasons, can’t equip all their screens and are not looking to implement real-time interactive campaigns.

For the first time, it’s possible for DOOH and place-based DOOH companies to estimate the audience of their entire network by equipping only a subset of their screens with Quividi’s VidiReports, drastically lowering the constraints and costs to get DOOH Networks audience data.

The sampling size recommended by Quividi’s data scientists guarantees the network beats the accuracy levels expected by the advertising industry. Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation data has already been endorsed by leading DOOH ad exchanges and will soon be used by admytv to transact programmatically.

Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, Quividi CEO told us “Quividi AMP’s Sampling & Extrapolation is the most affordable audience measurement product for any DOOH networks willing to measure their audience and trade their inventory programmatically. We’re glad to collaborate with admytv who, like us, is dedicated to bringing the full potential of DOOH to place-based screens”.

David Rossi, admytv’s CTO said “We at admytv see an enormous opportunity bringing “dormant” digital screens to “life” using our proprietary software and hardware, giving advertisers access to key consumer audiences in place-based DOOH locations. We do this unlike any other company in the world; we do it quickly, efficiently and in an extremely competitive manner. Partnering with Quividi’s Audience Measurement Platform (AMP)’s new Sampling & Extrapolation (S&E) product means the admytv screen community will continue to grow at an incredibly accelerated pace.”

Admytv claims to have developed a unique, place-based DOOH ad technology solution, PANDA (Programmatic Advertising Network Delivery Appliance), enabling almost any screen to connect to the internet and deliver ad messages and content, while continuously gathering key consumer data. They say that unlike all other placed-based advertising products currently in use, PANDA allows for static and full-motion video options on the venue’s screens, as well as a variety of ad sales models to ensure revenue generation is maximized.

Admytv wants you to be believe that they have a tailor-engineered solution which provides a unique connection point for place-based impressions to highly engaged audiences in very desirable locations and that due to this ‘innovative’ approach they are experiencing fast marketplace acceptance from the venue owner community, the ad exchanges and advertisers in general.

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