#CES2020 @Ultraleap 3D Gesture Touch

Tristan Cotterill

Ultraleap exhibited at #CES2020 (for the first time since their rebrand from Ultrahaptics back in September 2019) and they really took their booth presence to a whole new level.

As technology leaders in mid-air haptics and hand tracking, Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion (the company they acquired in May 2019) are really accelerating innovation in user interfaces, as well as enhancing commercial software and hardware applications.

Tactile, virtual interfaces are starting to transform user interaction across sectors such as automotive, advertising, immersive entertainment, VR/AR, training/simulation and enterprise applications. A wide range of clients from global technology giants to creative studios have already licensed Ultraleap technology. In the automotive sector, the technology has been showcased in concept cars developed by Harman, and Bosch.

Ultraleap encompasses both hand tracking and mid-air haptics technology and we didn’t see anyone else at #CES2020 doing anything like this. The tracking technology can be embedded into any product, including VR and AR headsets. Mid-air haptics is a ‘virtual touch’ technology that uses ultrasound to project tactile sensations onto users’ hands. Users can feel and interact with virtual objects and controls, with no need for wearables, controllers or touchscreens.

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