Vistar Media Customers Get Access to @Velocityamsc Assets

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Velocity has partnered with Vistar Media in order to make Velocity’s nationwide digital signage assets will be accessible to advertisers through Vistar’s SSP, either on the open exchange or through private marketplace deals.

Greg Kiley, Chairman and CEO of Velocity said “This partnership with Vistar significantly increases Velocity’s customer base and broadens Vistar’s market access. Agencies are looking for ease of buying and flexible buying opportunities that programmatic systems allow. We are happy to expand their options with Velocity’s impressive portfolio that spans many high-impact media markets”.

With Velocity’s DOOH opportunities, Vistar customers will now have access to:

  • Grocery Network: 170 screens in upscale Manhattan grocery stores at checkout
  • Hospitality Network: 570 screens at lobby/check-in area
  • Movie Theaters: 400 screens in the lobby and other high-traffic areas (more plan to be deployed in 2022)

Eric Lamb, SVP of Supply, Vistar Media told us “Our goal is to bring compelling inventory to buyers in a streamlined marketplace where sophisticated data strategies can be applied to engage consumers in the physical world,” said . “Velocity’s screens in key locations where consumers relax, shop and take care of essential needs provide excellent opportunities for brand marketers to weave their messaging into these impactful contexts.”

Velocity has aggressively expanded its DOOH presence over the past year, establishing a comprehensive network that targets the on-the-go consumer where they shop, play, commute, and stay. The previously announced acquisitions of Impax Media and Vision Media and partnership with G6 Hospitality, the parent company of Motel 6 and Studio 6 brands, expand Velocity’s digital signage inventory accessible through Vistar’s SSP to include over 1,000 screens in the grocery, cinema, and hospitality sectors, with further expansion planned in 2022.

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