ITrans Is Dead, Long Live Litile34

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

UK, Cambridge based Screen Technology may have gone spectacularly Tango Uniform but only after burning 10’s millions GBP, doing a CVA, more investment, more administration and then finally being thrown off of the Alternative Investment Market but word reaches us again (it’s been a persistent rumour for some time) that their interesting ITrans product somehow lives on…

Tile manufacturer (ITrans was a tiled LCD product) is now with SHL, a Taiwanese healthcare equipment manufacturer and the Intellectual Property (IP) involved is held by UK company Shearline

LiteMax who had the skills and wherewithal to actually do something with the tiles (looks like they have spent a lot of time on improving them) are now manufacturing and selling them under the name Litile34, which we have briefly covered here before.

LiteMax we believe pay royalties to SHL who then deal with Shearline.

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