The Moment Vault At Orlando Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Orlando International Airport has just unveiled a new state-of-the-art South Terminal Complex, which welcomes travelers with an ‘Experiential Media Environment’.

A focal point of the Experiential Media Environment is The Moment Vault, an immersive multimedia installation designed and managed by Smart Monkeys, Inc. and utilizes Realmotion’s™ interactive media servers and a new proprietary AI-powered marker-less motion capture system. The Experiential Media Environment was conceptualized by Executive Producer, MRA International Group with Executive Creative Director Marcela Sardi, Sardi Design.

According to Realmotion Founder and Project Lead Alexandre Simionescu, the installation in the Airside Hub of the new Terminal C is a destination itself where passengers can walk through three monumental curved 2mm LED displays that form a circle.

“The Moment Vault reflects Orlando International Airport’s established air, water and sky aesthetic and provides an exciting new opportunity for visitors to create lasting travel memories and form positive associations with the airport and the city of Orlando. The immersive real-time experience is made possible through Realmotion’s latest G32 real-time media servers and Fusion tracking technology that instantly converts a subject’s motion into digital wireframes that are integrated into the onscreen content produced by creative studio Gentilhomme, providing delightful selfie-ready moments.”

Six cameras provide 3D marker-less tracking for up to 25 subjects within the confines of the Moment Vault.

Realmotion has previously worked with Smart Monkeys, Inc., a Florida-based consulting firm that specializes in feature-centric technology implementations for location-based entertainment and was brought in to provide a cutting-edge media server with generative content capabilities and the motion capture system.

Smart Monkeys, Inc. Design Consultant Paul Bristol said “Creating installations that support generative content is critical to maximizing use and flexibility and provides today’s artists with the tools and canvasses they need to present their latest works. Often, art installations are temporary traveling exhibits that require tight scheduling and limited options for the host location. With the amazing permanent digital canvas offer in the Moment Vault, Orlando International Airport can offer much greater visibility and opportunity to artists and content creators, while enjoying a simpler, more powerful management system.”

To help prepare content developers, Realmotion built a software emulator of the tracking system that allows creators to test and develop reactive content without requiring real-world subjects or displays.

The exterior of the Moment Vault is also adorned with 4mm DVLED displays, ensuring that every visitor in Terminal C can be part of the experience, even if they don’t walk through the middle of the installation.

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