#ISE2010 – What Excites Most

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A week today ISE 2010 kicks off with its pre-conference, the ISE DOOH Business Conference which now literally has one or two seats remaining. A week tomorrow then the show proper starts and there are a number of things that our team are really looking forward to.

One of the benefits of having a team approach to these sorts of events (attendance en masse so to speak) is that individuals all have their own interests and specialties and so whilst I will kick off the week sitting in on day 1 of the ISE DOOH Business Conference; Chris and Andrew will be hard at work building our stand 😉 LOL

  • Anyway, Andrew with his interest in high end AV, Videowalls and screen technology in general is looking forward to having another look at Prysm (closed booth, invite only), comparing the Minicom and Magenta Research offerings, playing with Displax’s new interactivity and having a closer look at CoolSign’s platform (especially the synced playout in relation to possible use with MicroTiles) and maybe, just maybe there will be some of bDigital there as well?
  • Award ceremonies can often be long drawn out boring affairs (unless you win of course) but this year”s InAVate Awards ceremony on Wednesday 3rd February is in a shorter, new format and looks set to be interesting. I think I am presenting an award sometime during the evening but either way the team would be there anyway to support our good friends Amigo Digital and Dagobert who are both up for the same content award.
  • For many Europeans of course it will literally be their first chance to take a look at the Christie Digital’s MicroTiles up close and compare them up close with other screen display technologies. Andrew has already written that you can see MicroTiles on Christie’s own stand, at the C-nario booth and we have made two shapes using them as well for the Blogger Lounge. Arsenal Media and Float4 Interactive kindly made one of these shapes interactive – and in fact we think we have the only interactive MicroTiles anywhere at the show – guaranteeing a fair amount of people who are going to want to come and touch them (in actual fact you don’t ”touch” you gesture – germs and all but you get the point).

If you are going to Amsterdam then we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Please drop by the Blogger Lounge 10N118 for an espresso and a chocolate, meet our team and many other AV and digital signage bloggers and industry commentators.

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