Projection Screens Made Of Dry Fog

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


These folks, Fogscreen Inc, were at Infocomm (which seems like such a long time now) last week working with GestureTek.

FogScreen, Inc. featured GestureTek’s technology on a pair of FogScreen One (one meter) projection screens and a standalone FogScreen Inia (two meter) projection screen.

Both screens we are told utilise patented technology to create a thin layer of fog that is both
dry to the touch and environmentally safe.

About FogScreen, Inc.

FogScreen, Inc. provides an innovative and award-winning projection screen technology that creates magical experiences and stunning visual effects that “wow” and captivate audiences. Its patented technology creates the world’s first “walk-through” projection screen. With the use of ordinary tap water and digital technology, FogScreen projection screen enables projected images to literally float in the air, creating a brand new medium to captivate and fascinate audiences. The highly innovative yet simple-to-use product has been utilized to enhance product launches, trade shows, live entertainment, nightclubs, museums, theme parks and even private parties. FogScreen has won
numerous honors, including the Best Special Effect by the Club World Awards. Select customers include Disney, Nokia, 20th Century Fox, Harrah’s, Victoria’s Secret, P&G, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, Microsoft and many others.

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  1. khawar Ali Says:

    We are event mangmnt compny & seeking buy 2 unit fog screen without projector
    Size we required is 8X 10 feet or larger.
    pls cfm tech info FOb each unit.

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