On TV Again – Clear Channel Piccadilly Lite, London

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Did anyone else in the UK see Clear Channel’s Piccadilly Lite screen featured on Tuesday on BBC3’s new show ‘Britain’s Next Missing Top Model‘ ?

The girls featured in the programme were taken to Piccadilly Circus and surprised with their before and after photos featured on the screen!

We first wrote about Piccadilly Lite in early December last year (when we think it was first setup), we said then …

Land Securities, which has owned Piccadilly Lights since the 1970s, has developed “Piccadilly Lite” in order to allow more advertisers to benefit from the global exposure the site provides …. The site, which measures 23m by 2m, reaches an audience in excess of 2.2m per fortnight … Campaigns … 30”, 60” or longer can be booked for between two and 12 weeks … Piccadilly Lite will also allow members of the public to post personal, rolling messages at the cost of £1,000 per minute … Piccadilly Lite site will form part of Clear Channel Outdoor’s Pinnacle division.

It seems that Clear Channel have been making a big success of it – just some of the campaigns up there at the moment include the shows Brief Encounter and Mama Mia and adverts for the Turkish Tourist Board, Hancock, McDonalds, Magners and Kung Fu Panda!

And this must have been the 2nd or 3rd use of Piccadilly Lite by a UK TV show this year already!

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