The St Pancras Passenger Information Points

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

St Pancras

You can’t beat a weekend in Paris especially now that we have a speedy train service from St Pancras station, London through the Eurotunnel and straight into the centre of Paris.

We wrote last August 2007 about the Passenger Information Points (aka Kiosks) that were to be installed at St Pancras…

AMX Inspired Signage are supplying interactive Kiosks at the station – they call them PIP’s (Passenger information point) … In total there will be 11 stand alone units around the station. Every kiosk has two screens – one interactive 32 inch NEC LCD in landscape and one non-interactive 46 inch NEC LCD in portrait … Siemens are the integration partner and the network is due to go live on 14th November 2007.

They are still there, still working and when we were there extremely busy and well-used. The content looked good too.

Damon Crowhurst, Director of Market Development at Inspired Signage / AMX told us further “St Pancras international have deployed 11 Passenger information points with interactivity provided by U-touch. The system integrates with 8 train operating companies, and allows for 3 local station managers to update and manage the content, with emergency override functionality of all content if required. All remote monitoring is supplied by AMX Professional services, and the solution is of course running the Inspired Signage software”

He added “It has been truly surprising the amount of people using the interactive screens and when we deployed, our engineers had to queue to conduct testing!”

These are truly pieces of street furniture to be proud of!

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