May The Best MANchester Win

Chris Sheldrake

Volcanic ash closing British airspace (or as @DrSamuelJohnson said on twitter “I would aver that the Opening of Valhalla has led unto the Closing of Gatwick”, political debates on TV, whatever next for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? And all seemingly happening whilst we are 1,000’s miles away.

Here we see a last minute tactical campaign by The Sun newspaper – shown here at Manchester’s Piccadilly train station (yep that’s the big Transvision screen there).

One Response to “May The Best MANchester Win”

  1. Phil Austin Says:

    Here I am marrooned in South Africa ( courtesy of Iceland, the country not the frozen food shop) and deprived of witnessing a famous red win.
    You should report on the roadside large format DS in South Africa, these boys are really showing the world how to sell and display roadside media on large format LED which is not entirely based around the WC.
    Phil Austin

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