REWE TV, In-Store TV Concept For 480 Branches

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We made brief mention of this last week, see ‘Das Glasperlenspiel‘ but now have a bit more understanding into what is probably the second largest digital signage install in Germany at present.

echion AG kicked off this project with Deutsche Telekom AG in the branches of REWE Markt GmbH – from April 2010 around 480 outlets operated by the food retailer will be equipped with In-Store TV systems.

echion Director Marc Doderer told us that “the REWE project provides a clear indication that the food retail trade will increasingly make use of the benefits of moving images at the point of sale (POS)”

He added “With the help of In-Store TV we can access consumers in a completely new way in the actual sales area. Information which is relevant to their purchase, product advertising and infotainment will make the shopping experience more compelling, help the brand communication of the retailer and will also create positive purchase incentives. The design of the moving image content takes full account of the media habits of modern customers. It offers major advantages compared to static media such as billboards and ceiling hangers.”

According to Doderer, the content creation, control and marketing for the REWE projects will all be handled by the Augsburg-based company, “At echion’s head office we ensure that the REWE image channel is filled with perfect content and properly controlled. At the same time our subsidiary, Magma Media, the market leader in the field of media marketing at the point of sale in German food retailing, is responsible for approaching industry customers. The supply and integration of the technical infrastructure is carried out by Deutsche Telekom acting as the general contractor. This enables us to supply REWE with the complete package from a single source.”

Doderer is convinced of the pioneering nature of this project for German food retailing “echion has been supplying successful projects in the field of In-Store media since 2000 for well-known retailers such as real, HIT and the shoe business, RENO. The REWE project is now the ultimate trial for the digital signage medium in food retailing.”

About echion AG

echion AG is based in Augsburg and specialises in media brand systems at the point of sale. Our customers, retailers with chains of outlets, appreciate the contribution that echion makes to creating added value. As the technology and quality leader we offer individual bespoke communication solutions to act as the pinnacle of successful trade marketing. Standards were yesterday – echion is the future!

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  1. Harald Falk Says:

    The biggest DS network in Germany is over 2k locations for a global tobacco brand from a Cologne industry leader. Covered in secrecy by confidentiality agreements but the network is 3G controlled and most comprhensive. So echion will have a long way to go.

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