For Arts Sake

Chris Sheldrake looks to us like a digital signage service that displays world-famous fine art images by Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir etc.

Described by Cumedin who launched it at the tail end of April as “a plug-and-play instore TV and digital signage service. It displays high-resolution fine art images, and allows the user to create his own messages, thus transforming any screen that’s connected to an internet-enabled PC into a dynamic infotainment gallery” – not sure we like the term ‘infotainment’ any more now than when the idiots at Word Duty Free tried to coin the phrase (probably to describe their ‘transparent’ RFP process rather than anything they were doing in-store).

Managing Director Morten Kryger told us “In contrast to traditional digital signage which is designed for a retail environment where the aim is usually to grab people’s attention by displaying dynamic content, ArtPlayer is better suited to quiet surroundings where people stay for longer periods of time such as restaurants, office buildings and libraries”.

Morten Kryger added “ArtPlayer was inspired by Bill Gates who since the early 1990s has displayed art on framed and wall-mounted PC screens at his mansion. Now, anyone can get the basic ArtPlayer service for free and display world-famous fine art images on screens at home or in their workplace. Plus, the professional ArtPlayer service, for which clients pay a small fee enabling them to display their own content as well as ArtPlayer’s fine art images, targets a worldwide market that’s growing rapidly.”

ArtPlayer allows the user to specify which collection of fine art images they wish to display as well as altering image duration and background color. ArtPlayer connected screens can be updated centrally through any Internet-enabled PC, and Pro users can include their own logo and generate their own content.

About Cumedin ApS

Cumedin ApS is a start-up screen media company located in Denmark that operates with the aim of delivering fast and simple access to great art-as-a-service entertainment to the digital signage industry and to private households worldwide. In addition, the company has taken over and operates ArtGuideDenmark – – both the most comprehensive and the oldest database of contemporary Danish artists and craftsmen.

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