PRN Grabs Walmart Mexico

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Bill Gerba’s Wirespring business and technology has been in Wal-Mart Mexico for some time so unless we have misunderstood the situation it’s interesting to see here what looks like PRN completely taking over operations of the network.

An insider told us on Thursday “my assumption is that all Wirespring technology will be replaced with the PRN technology used in North America”

As PRN’s role in the US Walmart network undoubtedly shrinks, this has to be nothing but good news for PRN. It may well be that their (PRN) role will expand in markets outside of the USA such as Mexico and even Canada AND if rumours are true across one or both of the ‘ponds’ as well!!!!

We think that this is good news for the industry in the USA as we believe that we need operators with scale and experience to manage these high-profile networks like Wal-Mart Mexico.

Thomson’s PRN to Operate In-Store Media Network for Walmart’s Supercenter Format Stores in Mexico

PRN Provides Expertise in Operations, Content, Sales, Marketing and Research to Manage the In-Store Media Network

Paris, France and San Francisco, Calif., – August 21, 2008 – Thomson’s Premier Retail Networks, Inc. (PRN), the world’s most experienced provider of digital media solutions for retail, today announced it has reached an agreement with Walmart Mexico to operate its retail media network that covers most of Walmart’s Supercenter format stores and Bodega Aurrera locations in Mexico, visited by millions of shoppers every month.

This agreement with Walmart marks PRN’s entry into Mexico with the mission of enhancing the existing Walmart Mexico in-store media network and delivering a targeted media experience to its shoppers, where they make 75% of their purchase decisions.

As part of the agreement, PRN is providing Walmart with an end-to-end solution that includes a digital in-store media strategy, customized programming, advertising sales and operations.

PRN now operates and manages the largest in-store media network in Mexico, which is currently installed in 287 large-format Walmart Supercenter stores. The system features large plasma screens in select areas within the store and 19-inch flat-panel LCD screens at checkout lanes and waiting areas. The Walmart network is driven by two channels with displays and programs specifically designed for each location within the store. The storewide channel, positioned at the traffic hot spots in the main alleys guides shoppers and informs them of products sold in the store, encouraging cross-shopping via short and targeted messages. The waiting area channel enables shoppers to watch entertaining and informative content to reduce perceived wait time while they are in line at checkout and service areas. The waiting area channel broadcasts longer messages to provide more detail to the shopper about products and services.

The in-store media network programming will be custom designed by a dedicated creative PRN team to enhance the shopping experience and to enable Walmart to further brand its in-store environment and communicate with its customers using the power of sight, sound and motion.

Richard Fisher, president of PRN, commented, “As a trusted partner to Walmart for more than 10 years, we’re thrilled to expand our expertise into Mexico and provide Walmart’s customers with a greatly enhanced in-store media experience.”

“We’re excited to reinforce our position in Latin America and launch our PRN service for the first time in Mexico at all of Walmart’s key locations. After entering the Brazilian market a year ago, we’re glad to further develop the in-store media industry in Mexico and take a leading position in Latin America, one of the most attractive markets in the world. The intense growth area of retail media will continue to be an essential piece of Thomson’s growth in digital out-of-home media,” said Julien Bellanger, general manager for PRN in Latin America.

The Walmart in-store media network programming mix includes original content and content developed in conjunction with partners and advertisers. In Mexico, PRN will primarily rely on key Mexican broadcasters to source high-quality branded content from a variety of areas to enrich the Walmart in-store media network.

PRN will conduct marketing research in collaboration with leading research companies to provide proof-of-performance and audience measurements in terms of gross impressions, reach and frequency to media agencies and the advertisers for the new media platform.

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  1. Bill Gerba Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    To clarify your statement a bit, Wal-Mart Mexico is still a WireSpring customer. Our relationship as the technology provider for their in-store network has not changed. The original press release that describes our relationship is still accurate. Just ignore the part about Televisa now, since Thomson’s PRN has taken over that role.



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