Andrew Neale

With 252 MicroTiles you could do, say, a massive fan experience and make a NASCAR video wall or with just a few less (240 in this instance), you could perhaps build a whole new screen wall for a Rotterdam Theatre. We believe this is currently the biggest installation in Europe.

Expected to be finished next week

When Schouwburg Rotterdam made enquiries about new types of screen projection, their technical department turned to PiXELSOURCE, Dutch specialists in projection solutions.

Schouwburg Rotterdam’s requirements were for a flexible high-quality solution, which was met by Pixelsource’s plan for a massive MicroTiles system, consisting of 240 Microtiles and 16 ECU controllers. That will allow a potentially enormous canvas of over 40 million pixels to play with (about 14k by nearly 3k resolution). Behind the display there are 16 Dataton WatchOut systems for processing live video inputs and custom made digital signage.

Arjan Haverkamp at Pixelsource tells us “We expect this to be finished at the end of next week”. He added “We have to wait until all the construction workers are gone because of the dust”.

Pixelsource, distributor of high quality video and data equipment, is part of the Ampco-Flashlight group, specialised in sales, rental and product development in audio, lighting, video and rigging systems. From their headquarters in Utrecht, approximately 300 employees work for a broad range of clients.

We have some other nice pictures of the video wall being built here and here (almost half way through) and we will have pictures of the completed wall up next week.

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