The Month Ahead (May 2011)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We had such a good response to our post The Month Ahead (April 2011) and as we said then, our Industry Events Calendar (middle right of our home page or click here) has somewhat taken on a life of its own (since we raised its prominence on our site) that we thought we’d do the same for May (and probably make all of this a regular occurrence).

Scala’s own Connected Signage event kick starts May, followed a week later by the Festival of Media in Montreux. A week later the other side of the atlantic the folks over at DSE are holding one of their exclusive (Spring) ‘Industry Forums’.

In the middle of May we have the largest digital signage event in Europe #ScreenmediaExpo being held of course in London and the other one (Kiosk Expo Europe 2011) that is billed as such (but with about 12 exhibitors on the digital signage front it hardly counts as an exhibition proper let alone the largest).

Kiosk Expo is being held the week after #ScreenmediaExpo in Essen, Germany and the same week as the FEPE 52nd Annual Congress in Madrid.

The last two Tuesdays of the month also see The Imperative Group run the first two (of three) of their Digital Signage Forums in Australasia (the first in Sydney, the second in Melbourne).

The last day of May also sees a Digital Signage conference being held in Moscow.

Lastly, a special thanks to all those event organisers who have sent us dates for the events which we were missing (and please keep ’em coming).

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