Анна Кузина

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone fell in love with Анна Кузина from Digisky shown below speaking to MinQii’s Ronni Guggenheim and Scala’s Alain Bodenstedt…

We weren’t privy to the conversation but we think Alain is closing his eyes as Ronnie tells Anna what he just told Alain “this (Enqii – Minicom Digital Signage merger) changes nothing, YOU must still recommend Minicom distribution kit”

Anyway, Anna helped all the speakers sort out visas, hotel accommodation, airport pick up etc and was a truly superb host. She spoke beautiful English (although she has never been to the UK), sweet, well mannered, well educated and well we are all in love!

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  1. Alain Bodenstedt Says:

    Spot on!!!! :-))

    Great job Anna and the rest of the DigiSky team.

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