#smics2011 @DonPeppers Sea Island, GA

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Don Peppers, Founding Partner, Peppers & Rodgers along with Brian Solis were the true stars over the two day #smics2011 conference and we were lucky enough to have Don present on both day one and day two. Here he is in full flow…

On the Tuesday he spoke about ‘From CRM to Social CRM’ but covered much, much more. His knowledge of brands, marketing and how the agency world works set him apart from every other speaker we usually hear go on and on about social media.

On the Wednesday his presentation was bizarrely entitled ‘How to convert Fans into “Superfans” and why you should‘ – we say bizarre because he was one of the only speakers to focus NOT solely on Facebook, mentioning as well; crowd service, twitter, LinkedIn, CRM systems in general, some excellent Carphone Warehouse, Lego and HP stories, lots about bees and throwing in some UGC for good measure.

(Just) Some of the gems from him: –

  • “key influencers should be rewarded by acknowledgment, recognition, information and access to insiders”
  • “Basic principles of social media: computers will never do everything. Be a human!”
  • “influence is a measure of customer relationship with other people, not of their spend with the company”
  • “Transparency is like a disinfectant, it cleans things up, but it hurts a lot”
  • Customers remember you even if you don’t. They have their own ‘brain’ database like you have your CRM database
  • A bad reviews isn’t always bad. A bad review adds authenticity to 100 great ones
  • “Privacy protection will soon be a dead issue”


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