Digital Signage For Dummies

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Well it had to happen, the famous John Wiley & Sons Inc. series of ‘for dummies‘ books will soon be more complete with a tome on digital signage.

It’s more likely to be called ‘Digital Signs and Displays‘ (or something similar) but it will be hitting the bookshops for Christmas.

4 Responses to “Digital Signage For Dummies”

  1. Tom Milner Says:

    Dummies is not quite the word that this book would be most appropriate for some of the personalities in this industry! 🙂

    Will it start with how to use Powerpoint for the most impact?

    Next in the series…..Content for dummies?

  2. Chris Heap Says:

    Wonder which digital signage soothsayer’s behind that then.

    If it can cogently guide an end user customer to develop a digital signage network, then I’m out of a job.

    So, do I retrain or buy every copy?

    Perhaps it’s time for a proper book review, DailyDOOH?

  3. Noix Says:

    You are mistaken Mr. Editor-in-chief. Not the first or last time you have made a faux pas. The book is called ‘idiots in digital signage’ and is written by a certain Mr F

  4. Neil Steiner Says:

    It should be called Dummies don’t do DOOH, intelligent people do!

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