It’s DAWN At Pearson International

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority has introduced a new Digital Advertising and Wayfinding Network (DAWN) that will help guests find their way through Toronto Pearson International Airport terminals, at the same time creating another leading edge digital advertising network at the airport.

Toronto Pearson is the largest airport in Canada. In 2010, it handled an estimated 31.9 million passengers

“We are always looking for innovative ways of enhancing our guest experience at Toronto Pearson,”
says Pamela Griffith-Jones, chief marketing and commercial officer for the GTAA. “Our advertising partners are also looking for new advertising mediums to communicate their brand messages at our airport. DAWN network will allow our guests to access real time information on wayfinding and the many services available at Toronto Pearson while offering a new digital advertising opportunity for marketers at Toronto Pearson.”

The network consists of 18 units across both Terminal 1 and 3. Each unit will assist Toronto Pearson’s guests in finding departure gates, airport amenities, art installations, and dining and shopping offerings. The units have virtual guest service functionality allowing guests to link real time with guest service representatives at the airport. Guests will also receive advertising messages and promotional offers that are relevant to their search.

“The DAWN network creates new digital promotional revenue opportunities for property owners, managers and their tenants, as well as developing a large format digital out-of-home media network providing contextual advertising exposure to mobile, affluent consumers,” says John Jory, president, Clear Channel Outdoor Company Canada

The GTAA and Clear Channel worked closely with project consultants Arium Design, Gridcast Digital, and Jibestream Interactiveto bring the DAWN units to Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Jibestream is an interactive software company that develops and markets unique, patent-pending technology that helps people navigate through venues, and interact with real-time information. The DAWN system at GTAA uses Jibestream’s ‘NovoMap’ platform to help users find what they are looking for at the airport through an intuitive interface that merges the utility of wayfinding with a sophisticated messaging platform. The DAWN system incorporates 3D engine that allows users to shift the map to various areas of the airport maintaining a clear perspective of their current position. The benefit of the 3D engine is that it allows the GTAA to repurpose the maps and creative assets for other mediums such as print, web and mobile.

Clear Channel Outdoor Company Canada operates airport, spectacular, mall, transit and specialty media. ARIUM Design offers consulting services for design and product development, wayfinding and environmental graphic design solutions. Gridcast is a digital signage company that specializes in end-to-end digital signage and interactive solutions.

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