Time Out On The London Tube

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

CBS Outdoor in the UK seem to be doing more and more exciting things with their XTP these days. Hot on the heels of the Channel 4 Trial Live Poster Technology here we see them announce a unique partnership with London’s number one guide to arts and entertainment, Time Out.

The idea is to showcase the best of what’s happening in London to commuters across 60 digital XTP screens in the tube stations.

The campaign, produced by Signal TV, will serve a range of London specific entertainment content in the style of ‘digital advertorials’, thereby taking advantage of the time consumers spend on the platform as they await their next train.

The content will feature recommendations, updated every other day, from a range of categories and is designed to inspire and inform commuters as to the current and upcoming entertainment options available on their doorstep.

The campaign will run from mid December and into the New Year with content from Time Out running throughout the week. On Sunday and Monday, commuters will be treated to theatre, exhibition and events recommendations for the week ahead, whilst Tuesday and Wednesday will see specially selected ‘film of the week’ recommendations. Tailored suggestions for bars and restaurants will run from Thursday through to Saturday.

Jason Cotterrell, Country Director at CBS Outdoor UK told us “Our XTP format and network already stands out as the only HD full motion digital display in London, now it can offer even more relevant and exciting content. This campaign brilliantly utilises the unique dwell time of cross-track advertising, providing these urban consumers something genuinely engaging and useful for them on the busy journeys around the capital”

Timeout will also invite its Facebook and Twitter followers to recommend exhibitions, restaurants, films and plays that they think the rest of London would enjoy. The best recommendations will be judged by Time Out and their followers to be featured on the digital screens across London.

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  1. Luis R. Villafane Says:

    The XTP solution is a brilliant piece of software technology. From the live warping of the images, to their time syncronization with the arriving/departing trains, it is just beautiful.
    When we did the “live streaming” from NY Time´s square onto the XPT a few years back, it was just incredible. Applying delays to the live emision, breaking the streams to cope with incoming trains, live re-encoding and re-streaming… just too cool for school.


    Congrats. I hope you really exploit the potential.

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