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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

On 26th October we wrote ‘Does It Ever Stop For Neo Advertising?‘ and a few days before that ‘Barco Guy To Head Neo China

Here’s the official press release from Neo Advertising confirming their move into China.

Antoine de Ryckel who is heading up the new business unit for Neo is a former ‘Market Development Manager OHM at Barco’ as we said.

Neo Advertising goes Asia with focus on China

Geneva, Switzerland December 1st, 2008 – Swiss Neo Advertising announced that it has started to establish a subsidiary in Beijing – China, subject to regulatory approval. That’s the start of its development plans in Asia. In the near future, it will also announce other moves in the region.

Neo Advertising, one of the European fastest growing Digital Out Of Home Group, has just announced that it will enter Asia through the establishment of a majority-owned subsidiary in China. Neo Advertising China will operate as an independent branch reporting directly to Neo Group Switzerland. Antoine de Ryckel will take the lead to build the team and open its office?

Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO Neo Media Group declares: “With the largest Digital Out-of-Home industry in the world, China is the place to be for Neo Advertising. As a media owner Neo Advertising must develop its offer world-wide in fast developing economies, where FMCG and CE brands can post double digit growth rates. In this perspective, we are extremely happy to enter Asia and the Chinese market“.

China is a fantastic market with a large consumer base, a strong GDP growth and ad spending rates increasing year over year with more than 10%. Out-of-Home and indeed, Digital Signage will be the medium of choice for pushing advertising content to the teeming billions.

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