The Trend Is Not @IntelAIMSuite

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

With news just in that Haivision are the latest to integrate Intel’s Anonymous Viewer Analytics Technology into their CoolSign product (see ‘signagelive Integrates With Intel® AIM Suite‘, see ‘Broadsign Adds Intel AIM‘ amongst others) many would think that the trend at the moment is very much in favour of @IntelAIMSuite – especially as the list of software vendors to bend over and get into bed with the mighty Intel grows ever longer.

That however is not the case. The interesting thing here is those other software vendors that we (a) respect (and who continuously make our #DSTop10 and #DSTop30 lists) and (b) who don’t integrate.

Think Real Digital Media, STRATACACHE, WireSpring.

Perhaps they believe that if you do need Analytics you can do it yourself faster cheaper easier (STRATACACHE’s ActiVia Audience Measurement solution for example works on both ATOM and ARM) or there are better third party alternatives than Intel’s offering.

Perhaps most importantly where are all the announcements about actual deployments of Intel’s AIM Suite and AVA? If you look around the industry at the larger networks – folks like Amscreen who have done a great job in scaling quickly, they all seem to use Quividi.

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