New Measurement Still Needed

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’re looking forward to next week’s MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Forum and, while the program has a mix of topics and numerous speakers and panelists – many of whom we haven’t heard before – one session we’re especially looking forward to hearing will delve deep into media measurement.

Robert de Niro set to speak at Mediapost DOOH Forum

We talked to Tony Jarvis, proprietor/research architect, Olympic Media Consultancy, who will be among those on the panel ‘New Measurement for a Developing Sector?’ and, not surprisingly, this longtime media veteran has a lot of views.

“The DOOH metrics available generally pale in comparison to, say, network TV both in terms of the quality and accountability of the basic audience measurement (demographic ratings with reach and frequency) and have hardly scratched the surface on all the ancillary metrics used to support planning, buying or selling the channel – category or brand buyer ratings; cross media measurement; ad effectiveness; involvement; etc.,” says Jarvis.

“Digital place-based networks are attempting to sell their media vehicle like TV and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, there is everything wrong with attempting to measure an OOH medium like TV because the approaches, technologies and techniques are so completely different because the media and their environments are so completely different.“

Jarvis says that, in the vast majority of brand campaigns, DOOH will be a piece of a media mix, often in a minor but critical role for the brand, its strategy and its advertising goals and typically in relation to its competitive set.

“DOOH needs to provide the ad industry sanctioned, accountable, comparable metrics both intra media, across the various DOOH networks and inter media, together with other channels, in order to support its role with other channels under consideration,” says Jarvis. “The final media plan will be based on delivering target reach, frequency, brand or category purchase, involvement, and yes, even CPMs based on the overarching brand advertising requirements related to its competitive position.

“High quality audience metrics are fundamental to media mix models that are used to evaluate the ROI of the components of a multi-media campaign. Until that is achieved, DOOH will simply be left out of ROI evaluations and consequently will not earn the budgets and share it possibly deserves.”

Jarvis will be discussing these and many more points April 11, 2:30 p.m. at the Sentry Centers Midtown East, New York.

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