A Look Back At Past Investor Conference Chairmen

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’ve been covering an Investor Conference in New York for quite a few years now AND are really looking forward to covering the latest iteration of it next week in New York, because each one seems to get better and better!

Do you remember all those who chaired an event back in the early days? We thought it might be rather fun to take a look back at who they were and what they’ve been doing since.

  1. David DeGiorgi
  2. Kevin Covert and Ken Sonenclar
  3. Keith Kelsen
  4. Stephen Nesbitt
  5. Adrian Cotterill and Stuart Armstrong
  6. Adrian Cotterill and Stephen Nesbitt
  7. Adrian Cotterill and Stephen Nesbitt

You notice DailyDOOH’s esteemed editor-in-chief was co-chair of the last three and will be so again this year, along with Stephen Nesbitt. As he says, “No-one, not even Steve have dared let me loose to do one on my own.”

So, where are they now?

  • After chairing the first Digital Signage Investor Conference in 2006, Dave DeGiorgi spent the next year completing a business plan and successful venture financing for a new digital signage software and integration company in Europe. After returning to the U.S., he founded MediaVue Systems where he continues as president. Rare among computer hardware vendors, MediaVue designs and builds its SureVue players at its own facility outside Boston. Dave said that he wanted to prove that it was possible to build computers in the U.S. and successfully export them to the rest of the world. Despite the unfortunate timing of launching MediaVue only a couple months before the start of ‘the crisis’ in 2008, the company has grown steadily and now ships the large majority of its production to customers in more than forty countries worldwide. Since the 2006 Investor Conference, Dave has made additional appearances as a featured speaker at digital signage conferences in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Kevin Covert, an accomplished investment banking veteran known for his M&A and financing expertise, is founder and president of Covert & Co., Investment Banking. Kevin serves on the board of directors for the Special Olympics of Southern California and the Orange County Venture Group (OCTANe)
  • Ken Sonenclar is a media executive and investment banker and, since 2005, has been managing director of DeSilva + Phillips. He has also spoken a few times at the conference since first chairing it – we first got to hear him speak in 2009.
  • As the founder of MediaTile (bought by Corum Digital Corporation in August, 2012), consultant and author, Keith Kelsen probably needs little introduction. The last we heard, he was (and probably is still) chairman and CEO of 5thScreen. However, his blog is not up-to-date and we have been unable to reach him recently. Kelsen is known as a leading expert, strategic consultant, and internationally sought-after speaker. He is also is the author of ‘Unleashing the Power of Digital Signage’, a book on content for the digital signage industry published by Focal Press.
  • Back in 2010, Stuart Armstrong was the president of EnQii North America. Since EnQii begat ComQi, Stu is now heading sales and operations as president, ComQi Americas. He also served as president of the Digital Screenmedia Association for two terms after the Digital Signage Association where he was president, merged with the Self Service Kiosk Association in early 2010.
  • With a major background in digital signage, digital media, digital merchandising and advertising as principal and/or president and CEO with such companies as Next Generation Network, Marketforward and Reflect Systems. Stephen Nesbit founded Prestonwood Trial Holdings LLC in 2010 where he serves as an advisor to a major Private Equity Firm that is active in the digital media industry. He has also provided advisory services to a number of companies in the digital media industry and has assisted companies in the industry in capital raise efforts, strategic partnerships and M&A activities. Nesbit sits on the Board of Visible Spectrum Inc., a cloud based content creation service company and Pro-Motion Technology Group LLC. He is currently Chief Marketing Officer at RMG Networks.
  • Adrian Cotterill is co-founder and editor-in-chief of DailyDOOH, now in its seventh year and which, as you know since you’re reading it, is the most well-respected voice of the digital out-of-home and digital signage industry. Having held senior positions in the areas of of technology, Internet technology, business development, strategy and marketing with such companies as IBM, Intel, Bertelsmann and several investors and business angels, Adrian’s more recent work with his business partners over the last eight years has involved industry analysis, market research, commercial and technical due diligence, software and hardware review, product design, branding and market entry strategy. Adrian is a much-in-demand speaker at events around the world and a familiar face on the judging/award circuit. He is also a proud member of MENSA and a member of the National Union of Journalists.

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