Are Intel About To Acquire @YCDMultimedia?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We wrote back in early March, “Are @YCDMultimedia About To Be Acquired?” after hearing a lot of gossip at #dse2013 that pointed to the same.

Executives at YCD did not return our emails back then (and still haven’t) so it seems pointless to ask them this time around if the latest rumour we heard over the weekend is true (Intel’s stock answer is “we do not comment on rumours or gossip” so there’s absolutely no point in reaching out to them either).

Anyway, the rumour in question is that Intel, hot on the heels of allegedly buying IP from Ryarc are all set to purchase YCD Multimedia.

Intel’s Jose Avalos, fresh from a few weeks pretending to do an MBA at Harvard, obviously believes that it might be a good idea to compete with all the other digital signage software vendors. Bet they don’t teach you that at Harvard!

2 Responses to “Are Intel About To Acquire @YCDMultimedia?”

  1. Jo Fritzl Says:

    Jose could have taken a subscription to the HBS Harvard Business Review, much cheaper and easier on the ego too.

  2. Sandy Bridge Says:

    Jose, the great consolidator! All hail Intel! I am sure that the software vendors are quaking in their boots. He’s cornered the market on high priced niche software as well as dead products, although Comqi is still available.

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