#2013SignExpo Samsung Stand #1535 @Signagelive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform isn’t launched to the public until May, it is using every available means (and its better partners it seems) to showcase the technology wherever it can.

It’s no surprise then that this week’s #2013SignExpo sees a Samsung Stand #1535 in the Dynamic Digital Park with Signagelive showcasing the System on Chip (SoC) capabilities.

Signagelive will also be presenting its new range of plug and play applications with ready-to-use templates for different vertical markets including fast food, retail, education and corporate enterprise.

Raffi Vartian, Signagelive’s Chief Operating Officer told us “We are really excited about our new turnkey applications because they offer resellers of traditional signage an easy to use, powerful and affordable solution to bring to their customers. The digital signage market is rapidly moving to non-PC playback devices and the savings made by not installing onsite management software can be reinvested in the latest digital signage technology. This in turn provides a better user experience which helps improve brand loyalty and ultimately results in increased profitability”

All applications are written in HTML5 and are, we are told, fully compatible with Samsung’s new line up of Smart Signage Displays.

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