Another Round of IZON Media Layoffs?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Something is definitely happening at IZON Media. Back in late April we wrote ‘Who Scuttled PRN (Again)?’ knowing full well who did!

Now there are more rumours of more layoffs. Watch this space!

4 Responses to “Another Round of IZON Media Layoffs?”

  1. John Morgan Says:

    Adrian, you tease!

  2. Zoo Lander Says:

    5 People were laid off today (5/9/2013 That’s whats happening. Ahmad and his band of fluffers walk around talking about how we are all in this together and spout their dreams of happiness and success and then they get rid of people. This place is becoming such a farce, it would be laughable, if it wasn’t so damn depressing.

  3. Tom Crews Says:

    Fluffers, perfect word. That is exactly how to win business from the scammers at Stayhealthy. Except now Ahmad will have to do the work himself. As if.

  4. The Titanic Says:

    If you ever can reach Ahmad for comment ask him if he’s aware of the gossips on his management team (including his self proclaimed “left hand man” and head of Human Resources) that can’t keep their mouths shut and have shared out the names of who is about to be let go in this next round of layoffs. It’s no wonder with such professionals in charge that Supervalu and Sam’s Club are parting ways with us.

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