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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In the same week that the DPAA released its speaker line up for its DPAA Summit Video Everywhere we are pleased also, to be able to announce the speaker line up for The DailyDOOH Investor Conference which takes place as part of #DpbMedia week in NYC Oct 23 and 24 AND announce that registration is now open.

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In no particular order we have:-

  • The National Cinemedia Success Story – A layman’s guide to creating a successful revenue producing business with Digital Out of Home.
    Securing advertising dollars for the DOOH world has made great strides over the past 10 years but continues to be a “work in process”. The most successful company in the world at consistently growing its business is National CineMedia. Hear from Cliff Marks who has been at the front of leading the advertising growth at NCM for 11 years on how NCM successfully navigates waters that others have failed to survive in.
    Cliff Marks, President, NCM
  • From Rollups to M&A REDUX: An Investor’s View on Achieving Scale and Creating a Valuable Platform
    Few companies in the DOOH world have achieved the scale necessary for accelerated growth. Yet until the past 12 months, the pace of M&A has been slow. Searchlight Capital has targeted DOOH as a fertile area for investigation and will give a snapshot view of the world of M&A and rolling up companies in the sector.
    Eric Sondag, Partner, Searchlight Capital
  • Why Advisors Flock to Incubators for Clients. Referring to the often rigorous application process that startups must complete to be part of a business accelerator, I will point out that hat Accelerators are doing their own selection process, and I view those [startups] as being endorsed. For example, Dentons provides weekly office hours and startup-geared seminars to the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in Manhattan.
    Peter ‘Chip’ Korn, Partner, Dentons
  • RMG’s Path to a Public Company
    RMG Networks is one of the largest DOOH companies in the world via the integration of three prominent companies in early 2013. By merging the digital advertising capabilities of RMG in the Airline Media sector and Akoo in the Mall Media space with the DOOH technology resident in the very profitable and 30+ year old Symon Communications, RMG Networks not only has scale and a global footprint but diversity in revenue generation unrivaled in the industry. SCG principal Greg Sachs will talk about why he felt this made sense and how RMG has gained competitive advantage.
    Gregory Sachs, SCG Capital and Executive Chairman, RMG Networks
  • The Barclays Out of Home Market Report
    OOH and DOOH continues to gain attention in the chaotic and changing world of advertising. Alex Iosilevich will talk about how Barclays sees OOH and how DOOH is revitalizing the 100 year old traditional media space and why billboards, posters, street furniture, vehicle wraps and focused markets like Malls and Transportation Hubs won’t be going away anytime soon.
    Alex Iosilevich, Managing Director, Global Media Group Barclays
  • Crowdfunding for Digital Signage and DOOH
    Crowdfunding will fundamentally change finance, as we enter into 2.0 era of the capital markets. Impacting all aspects of the value chain, crowdfunding will bring unprecedented transparency and access into an archaic market. The Grow VC Group is a global pioneer working with securities crowdfunding in startups, real estate, energy exploration, renewable energy, diversified holdings and even pension fund assets. Markus Lampinen, will share his insight from six continents in this market and talk about what crowdfunding is, how it is transforming our world and what the paradigm shift will bring about.
    Markus Lampinen, CEO, Crowd Valley
  • We Aren’t In the Business of Profit
    None of our funding is provided in exchange for equity and I don’t consider myself a venture capitalist. We aren’t in the business of profiting from successful companies as we are much more interested in connecting startups with the newest technology, mentors and a vast network of entrepreneurs.
    Mike Kirkup, Director, VeloCity Ventures Fund
  • Privacy and Security in New Technologies
    Rapid advances in digital advertising and mobile computing are opening doors for the DOOH industry to connect with consumers in new and engaging ways. However, new technologies are often closely followed by privacy and security backlash as companies explore the borders between innovation and privacy. In this session, we will look at privacy and security lessons from online and mobile advertising as well as efforts by trade groups and privacy advocates to build codes of conduct for the DOOH industry that balance innovation and consumer privacy.
    Andy Blair, Associate, Dentons
  • An Armchair Conversation With Shamrock Capital Advisors
    Shamrock Capital is one of the most well-known investment groups in the USA. Hear from Alan Resnikoff of Shamrock in a roundtable discussion with the hosts of the DailyDOOH Investor Conference and special guest. The discussion will present a wide-ranging view of contemporary topics in the DOOH industry as they relate to investment.
    Alan Resnikoff, Vice President, Shamrock Capital Advisors
  • Ocean Outdoor’s Leveraged Buyout
    Ocean Outdoor is the UK’s leading Spectacular Digital Out Of Home specialist operating Iconic locations such as Two Towers West on the A4 Flyover gateway to London’s West End, Two Towers East gateway to the City and Canary Wharf and the UK’s only outdoor national full motion network including World famous advertising sites such as Eat St at Westfield London. Generating more advertising pounds per location than any other UK media owner Tim will share the Ocean story past, present and future covering the MBO and sale to LDC (the private equity arm of Lloyds Bank) to the roll out of the full motion network, the launch of the industry’s first Neuro Science study into the memory encoding effects of premium digital out of home displays on the behaviours of upmarket consumers. And the roll out of gender recognition technology at key UK big city locations.
    Tim Bleakley, CEO Ocean Outdoor
  • KoolAid: The Sports Drink of Roadkill
    Technology companies, networks and even (dare we say it?) venture capitalists have a tendency to fall in love with their own views of the marketplace and their role in it. However, there is plenty of evidence to support the notion that drinking your own or someone else’s KoolAid for an extended period of time is hazardous to your company’s health. A look at how evolving business plans trump static business plans and what investors really need to know.
    Ken Goldberg, CEO Real Digital Media (and author of an industry focused blog, ‘Broad Thinking. Narrowcasting’ that is reportedly read by dozens of people not related to him)
  • Your Baby Is Ugly
    Veteran industry consultant and writer Dave Haynes, of The Preset Group and the blog Sixteen:Nine, will walk through why much of the digital signage industry needs to raise its game on strategy and presentation, and the ways that can be done.
    Dave Haynes, Co-Founder, Preset Group
  • A Corporate Startup: How we launched VUKUNET
    Many people understand how to get private equity funding, but for many, it will be a first to hear how to get a conservative 115 year old Japanese, or any foreign company for that matter, to hand over millions of dollars to a non domestic business unit to try to create a new business with a technology that didn’t exist while being a total departure from it’s core business.
    Pierre Richer, President, NEC Display Solutions North America
  • The Mark Boidman Q+A
    Gain exclusive insights into digital OOH investment opportunities and growth trends, market statistics and valuation multiples, and get the inside scoop into what the investment community forecasts for the DOOH industry from the leading investment banker in the digital OOH space.
    Mark Boidman, Partner, Peter J Solomon Company
  • Following the Smart Money. How and when to spend $50M in the chaos of emerging Digital Signage and OOH Networks
    Over the past 14 years, Chris Riegel has built STRATACACHE into a $120 million a year business with zero outside investment and five major acquisitions. Chris also manages a $50 Million Strategic Technology Acquisition Fund and reviews over 100 acquisition opportunities per year and will give great insight into acquisitions, turn-arounds and the state of the market.
    Chris Riegel, CEO, STRATACACHE
  • If Big Data is the Answer – What is the Question?
    How does BIG DATA (Gartner Group’s definition; “high volume, high velocity, and/or high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization”) affect OOH, DOOH and digital signage.
    I will explain how I believe media owners can use Big Data to find correlation, not causation, I will talk about big data viewer metrics, non-linear optimization algorithms that try to maximize panel efficiency, how to combine inventory data with viewer profiles collected by cameras, how to analyse play log data from large player networks and record/capture live webcam feeds for analysis and POP purpose.
    Andreas Soupliotis, CEO and Co-Founder Ayuda Media Systems

Registration is now open.

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