BroadSign To Win Big In Europe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Despite our initial reservations we have to say that BroadSign’s two new hires in Europe seem to have got off to an incredibly good start – rumours of several big deals won’t go away and we are constantly hearing networks, resellers and retailers talking about having met with them (and having good things to say we might add).

We believe that you can expect at least one announcement of a major European media network owner moving to BroadSign in the next 3 -4 weeks (we think it unlikely that the deal will be ready for announcement pre-Screen Media Expo Europe) – either way this BroadSign win will be a huge blow to the incumbent software provider.

BroadSign President Brian Dusho declined to comment on the above rumours (and so he should) but did tell us that “We have had more activity in 3 months than we ever had before in Europe”

We also believe that BroadSign will shortly be announcing an EU distribution deal – similar to the one they did with Ingram Micro in the US although it is unclear yet who this will be with.

It’s also likely that BroadSign’s team in Europe will be growing and by April we think that their customers can expect a local technical services and support team

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