Len Pond And Pete Gallagher Join Raven Research

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Len Pond and Pete Gallagher have joined Raven Research, the Brookfield, Connecticut-based digital signal extension and distribution manufacturer.

A founding member of Magenta Research, Pond served in a wide variety of positions at Magenta over the years, including management roles in sales and marketing. His most recent position was product manager for the MultiView and Mondo Matrix lines.

Gallagher worked at Magenta for eight years, beginning in sales and marketing before eventually ascending to the position of manager, marketing and communications, where he was responsible for the company’s trade show, advertising and messaging initiatives.

Gallagher and Pond and Len join Raven co-founders Gerald Nardone and Chris Miller, in Raven’s new headquarters, where the company relocated in March, 2014. Nardone served as general manager of Magenta while Miller, an original founding member of Magenta was chief scientist.

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