Amscreen Ships German Network To Kenya

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Coinciding with a massive refit currently ongoing at German fuel / gas station provider Aral AG (in itself owned by BP) Amscreen tell us that they are currently in the process of moving their entire (German) digital screen network to Kenya.

BP Tankstelle, Hamburg (now moving to Kenya)

Yep, you heard that correct. The whole digital screen network is being uprooted and moved to Africa.

We’ve noted more and more that in Continental Europe, folks such as Aral are more interested in partnering with supermarket firms (similar to the BP / M&S idea in the UK) and one suspects that media sales in Germany weren’t quite as good as Amscreen had hoped (or managed to get).

We’ve been promised pictures just as soon as the bulk of the Kenya kit is installed.

Amscreen rolled into Germany back in July 2011 so have certainly given the network a good chance to get going.

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