Swiftmile + Vugo OOH Experiential Partnership

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Swiftmile and Vugo tell us that they have created a unique and versatile partnership in the out of home advertising space ranging from digital advertising to experiential marketing.

Joel Martin, Swiftmile’s VP of DOOH told us “We truly believe that rideshare advertising is an emerging part of the OOH ecosystem. Both our Swiftmile experiential event stations and our permanent DOOH network can serve as hubs where riders can engage with a brand before jumping into an immersive ride experience with Vugo.”

The partnership’s advertising placement aspires to give media buyers the maximum amount of reach on their ads. Not just at point A and point B, but throughout the entire commute.

Rideshare customers viewing Vugo and Swiftmile’s screens can expect benefits like an entertaining transportation experience or free ride codes from rideshare companies.

Rob Flessner, CEO at Vugo said “Vugo is excited to partner with Swiftmile to deliver best-in-class digital out of home transit and mobility advertising in Florida and around the country.”.

With the Swiftmile and Vugo collaboration media buyers can expect their marketing dollars to generate revenue while benefiting those who use rideshare transportation.

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