The Liquidation Of i-vu Limited

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Here’s the official press release confirming most of the detail in our story ‘i-vu Reportedly In Liquidation (Updated 16.01.09)

29 January 2009

The i-vu network

The operational management of the i-vu network now owned by a new Company, i-vu (UK) Limited has been transferred to Simply Media TV Ltd.

Simply Media TV is a media owner, operator (with online and satellite TV channels that range from teleshopping to movies) that already owns a similar network to i-vu, comprising 3000 screens in 600 hair salons. It also produces its own content in-house.

Simply Media TV has all the necessary operations in place to manage a large network of screens as well as significant facilities and resources which it can utilise to service salons more quickly and provide better quality on-screen content for both salon staff and clients’ entertainment. These services include an extensive content library and engineering teams.

The liquidation of i-vu Limited does not affect these new arrangements

As we said originally “Whilst undoubtedly there is still a period of transition here, we believe that to all intents and purposes the two networks have been unified since late last year”

At least this press release should now put the minds of media planners, buyers and brands to rest.

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