PetCARE TV – CaerVision’s Veterinary Network Merger

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

CARE Media Holdings is merging PetCARE TV with CaerVision‘s veterinary network and plans to expand this advertiser-supported – subscriber-based ‘hybrid’ network by 500 screens during the balance of 2013.

pet_car_logo“The merged network of 2,250 screens takes the form of a Joint Venture bearing the brand name PetCARE Television Network,” says Phil Cohen, founding chairman of CARE Media Holdings and also chairman and CEO American Minority Health Networks, and chairman of the Digital Signage Federation.

The merged network will be presided over by Kim Sarubbi, president of CARE Media Holdings Corp. Daily management will be handled by CaerVision’s staff in their Maryland headquarters. All content will be produced by the CMH subsidiary, Saddle Ranch Digital.

Under their arrangement, veterinarians pay for the installed system and a monthly fee for the content. Their fee is reduced based on the amount of advertising running on the screens during the month. This is the above-mentioned ‘hybrid’ of the subscriber-based and advertiser- supported business models.

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