#NECshowcase @PSCoGroup No Context Video Wall

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Every year PSCo Technical Distribution put together an impressive video wall at the #NECshowcase and TECHNICALLY at least, that was no different this time around…

w0418ps - PSCo videowall at NEC

.. but their shape had no context and their content (though of high quality visually) was actually very poor. That might seem like a harsh criticism but we’ve said this every year (and PSCo have been a great supporter of the #NECshowcase for four years now) the geeks / nerds / techies in the AV world need to learn to be more creative, and put their installs in context with relevant content.

4 Responses to “#NECshowcase @PSCoGroup No Context Video Wall”

  1. Bart Kamp Says:

    Overall content was poor, it was like walking into the 2012 event. I hope they will improve this for 2014, since the hardware deserves better. And some lighting control would be a plus as well.

  2. Alex Hughes Says:

    I agree – the shape was interesting but irrelevant to any content that was being played out across the screen. Unfortunately this seemed like a hardware vanity project – which we have seen time and time again.

    Alex Hughes

  3. Darren Says:

    My understanding is that Harris was supposed to be driving the wall but pulled out leaving PSCo with little choice with regards to a signage solution/content. As said previously technically a sound solution.

  4. Marcus Says:

    I heard similar to Darren, Graham Smith from Harris was assigned to work with PSCo to manage the Infocaster system and drive the wall at native resolution with the new 4.4 software. Unfortunately with the recent news of Harris dropping the DOOH teams, he is no longer there.

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