1100+ Folks At 2013 UBTech Conference

Andrew Neale

Last night in an Orlando bar we bumped into Brian and Jonathan from Brawn Consulting, Brian Gorg from the Digital Signage Federation and Kate Sheehy from Communication Technology Services (the latter two are manning the Digital Signage Federation booth at the UBTech Conference).

DSF June 11th 2013

Whilst last year’s UBTech Conference (which is always scheduled to be the week of InfoComm on whatever US coast it happens to be on that year) attracted just over 700 people, we were told by an amazingly sober group of Brian and Kate that there were 1,100 people at this week’s event.

Interest in the Digital Signage Federation booth has been high we are told. The event continues today through to Wednesday.

(Brawn Consulting were teaching classes at #InfoComm13 yesterday and again today).

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