TDIC Speaker Lineup, Oct 22, 2014

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The DailyDOOH Investor Conference takes place, once again, slap bang in the middle of New York Digital Signage Week on Wednesday October 22, 2014.

This year, for the first time in its now ninth anniversary, the event is a one day event.

    Francois presenting for us back in October 2011

    Francois presenting for us back in October 2011

  • To keynote the event, we welcome back an old friend, a true industry professional, a man of integrity and knowledge AND who always has the best interests of the industry at heart. ZOOM Media’s Francois de Gaspe Beaubien will be presenting to the audience a version of his fantastic ‘Transforming Out of Home’ pitch (for those of you who may have seen it at the 4A’s, the OAAA/TAB or at the FEPE event) Francois will be tweaking it for us and giving us some new big reveals.
  • Next up will be Generation Partners’s Andrew Hertzmark and Captivate’s still relatively new CEO, Marc Kidd (a man who impresses us even more every time we meet F2F) who will both be in conversation with my regular co-chair Steve Nesbit. Expect questions from Steve directed at the investor “Why did you hire this guy?”, “Why did you buy this business?” and questions to the other side of the stage “What did you see in DOOH that attracted you to the sector”, “What are you already changing at Captivate?” and more – plus of course a certain roving co-chair on the conference floor itself ready to jump on any attendee who makes any move as if to ask a question.
  • Margit Kittridge who we think is pretty unique in having both an agency AND a digital place based media background (she worked at Wall Street Journal Office Network and left at more or less the same time as Captivate acquired them) and who is now VP Digital Director at Titan will give us her perspective on the digital industry.
  • Every year we like to invite over a ‘Brit’ to tell you yanks how digital out of home should be done 😉 Last year it was Ocean Outdoor’s Tim Bleakley (who was voted best speaker) and this year we will be welcoming new Exterion Media (nee CBS Outdoor UK) CEO Shaun Gregory. Shaun’s extensive background in mobile (he was most recently VP Global Advertising at Telefonica) and knowledge of digital out of home (he did and does indeed continue to serve on the board of Ocean Outdoor) will make for a slightly different view of our world than you might normally find.
  • We’ve been regularly meeting with Barco’s Director Investor Relations, Carl Vanden Bussche but due to a quarterly earnings call that week, Barco LiveDots’s CEO Paul Matthijs will be taking us through Barco’s acquisition strategy (they have of course in the past purchased both dZine and most recently X2O Media in Montreal).
  • Steve Nesbit in conversation with Mark Boidman back in 2013

    Steve Nesbit and Mark Boidman back in 2013

  • A regular feature now for many, many years is Peter J Solomon’s Mark Boidman – DOOH’s mister fix-it, who will once again be in conversation with co-chair Steve Nesbit)
  • To get people back up to speed quickly after lunch we always like to have a bit of fun – at The DailyDOOH Media Summit in London in May we had six elevator pitches of five minutes each and in New York we are giving three selected individuals 10 minutes each to (quite literally) stand on a soapbox and address an industry issue that they feel passionate about. This time around, the topics are; Content (Arsenal Media’s Denys Lavigne), Measurement (ex-Arbitron Rob Winston) and Programmatic Buying (VUKUNET’s Dirk Huelsermann). There will be 10 – 15 minute Q+A at the end of the session.
  • Any lawyer who off the top of his head can say, and we quote (from our recent F2F meeting with him actually) “in the near future, it’s obvious that all screens will sense the world around them and react accordingly” is going to get a speaking slot at one of our events AND we are very excited to have Denton’s lawyer (and entrepreneur) Andy Roth talk about the ‘Privacy Issues in the Digital Space’.

The rest of the afternoon is made up of many, just as good presentations from Bloomberg’s Lisa Cohen talking, not only about their award winning, global, incredibly impressive methods of ’employee communication’ but also about Bloomberg’s immersive brand experience (the Bloomberg Hub) at London City Airport AND Cineplex who have made some truly great acquisitions in the last few years – and not just DDC and EK3 – the latter of which of course, got them a massive (and well thought of) Tim Horton’s (coffee) network. We are truly honoured to have Cineplex Entertainment’s CFO Gord Nelson come to speak.

Before the day is wrapped up by one of the two co-chairs rushing to the stage (i.e. the Chairman’s Wrap-up) to try and claim credit for another exceptional event and also BEFORE our regular reception and cocktail party which is always kindly sponsored by Dentons we have one more session – a Q+A style presentation that we think will be one of the most explosive and talked about sessions in a long while.

We’ll keep you hanging on that one, but just think of it as a kind of ‘magical mystery tour’ – it’s to do with RFPs, some of the biggest our industry has ever seen.


The DailyDOOH Investor Conference Billed is the networking event for senior executives in the Digital Signage, Digital Outdoor, Digital Placed based and Digital Out of Home industry. The conference will be co-chaired by Prestonwood Trail Holdings LLC Stephen Nesbit and DailyDOOH Editor-in-Chief Adrian J Cotterill, both of whom have a history of organising and moderating some of the most popular and successful industry events during the past couple of years.

The conference will update investors on the latest trends and the future direction of digital signage and digital out of home and allow them to hear direct from the CEO’s of major companies that participate in the market.

Network owners and industry suppliers will get invaluable executive insight and receive education on the requirements and trends being used by investors in today’s capital raise efforts.

Brands and Advertising Agencies will be able to meet senior executives and come away from the conference having secured a good grasp of the key trends in the Digital Out of Home world.

The event takes place Wednesday October 22, 2014 in the Dentons TriBeCa Conference Room, 24th Floor, 1221 Avenue of the Americas [Entrance on 49th Street].

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  1. Gary Klein Says:

    Sounds like this will be the best conference, yet. Wonderful mix of speakers and subjects. There’s a reason that it’s one of the four “must attend” digital/media conferences of the year.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Are tickets available for purchase yet?

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