What To Do In London The Day Before Screen Expo 2009

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Many of you emailed in and us asked us what digital screen networks were worth taking a look at the day before Screen Media Expo; so here are our **ten ‘must-sees’ in London.

  1. Terminal 5, London Heathrow If you are flying into London Heathrow then hopefully you will be flying to Terminal 5 (unlikely unless you flying BA) but if so, airside of T5 is a joy to behold. JCDecaux have done an absolutely fantastic job in deploying pretty much 90% digital (there are a few scrollers around) and Nokia’s own huge LEDs (the ‘Nokia Multimedia Towers’) above custom control (you can’t miss them) are also impressive. Sit and watch the content on the JCDecaux screens (as mentioned many times before the digital content is getting really good these days). Be careful if you do take photos, our nation’s finest and wannabee policemen in the guise of ‘BAA officials’ can be heavy handed with those they think are doing something untoward.
  2. Heathrow Express Sidetrack If you do fly into LHR then don’t give money to the London Cabbies (the finest though they are in the world) and don’t get on the underground but get yourself to the London Heathrow Express that will get you into London Paddington in 15 minutes. The screens on the train themselves aren’t bad (even with audio) but the real joy is to see out of the window the 15 second advertisements running in the tunnels at Heathrow as you depart courtesy of the Sidetrack system. The advert most probably running by the time readers will be there is the Aero chocolate ‘feel the bubbles‘ skateboard commercial from ad agency JWT.
  3. St Pancras If you are coming into London from the continent by train then you must stop and stare (and play with) the St Pancras Passenger Information Points. Lovely street furniture design, nice content, great interactivity and easy to use (so good in fact there is often a queue to use them!).
  4. Harrods When you are actually in London then our suggested first stop has to be Harrods in Knightsbridge. ‘Retail Theatre’ has become the new thing and the opening of a flagship store anywhere in the world is not complete without sound and vision and more often than not a big screen or projection in the window HOWEVER none of these flagship stores comes close to what Harrods offers the digital signage and audio visual world – it is in our opinion, by far the best retail installation in the world. It was the best when it was first conceived and deployed, with screens being built into the fixtures AND importantly working with, rather than against the architecture and it has been kept up to date with lots of innovation (floor and wall projections spring to mind).
  5. Digital Escalator Panels Much has been made of CBS Outdoor’s Digital Escalator Panels (DEPs) on London’s underground – too much we think sometimes; yes they were the first, were innovative, but now we think they are looking slightly tired and could do with an upgrade – not least the common sense idea of vinyl wrapping them like JCDecaux Digital Vision have done with their Digital Escalator Crown, MTR Station, Hong Kong. Anyway we do suggest you take a look and it’s worthwhile searching out a Tube station with them installed – currently Paddington, Baker Street, Euston, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bank, Charing Cross, Embankment, Waterloo, Knightsbridge (convenient for Harrods of course), Green Park and Liverpool Street. Whilst on the underground you will also see CBS Outdoor’s XTP (which we don’t like – far too small and often faint) and their digital 6-sheet panels. CBS have a nice map available here of all their underground digital installations
  6. Westfield London Shopping Centre This new mall in White City is also well worth a visit and is easily accessible on the tube. CBS Outdoor (and BF Group) have done a great job with their digital panels here and there are also a number of shops with some nice installs – both Debenhams and Marks & Spencer are nice Carlipa Group installations for example.
  7. London Victoria Station Titan Outdoor have done a terrific job with the overground London rail stations but by far their best is their showpiece at Victoria Train station and trust us, it’s well worth a detour to go see. All of the Transvision screens (you won’t be able to miss the huge LED at each station) are looking a bit old these days but you should marvel at them because these were the true PIONEERS in big screen outdoor a while back now). Titan’s D6 panels are also superb and Victoria station has more than most stations.
  8. Oxford Street A stroll along Oxford street is well worthwhile. Opposite Bond Street tube station you will be able to see the double-decker screens from Eyeconic / Urban Media and further along (in the direction of Tottenham Court Road) you will see WALK stores with Motomedia’s StreetlevelTV installations. As you walk look out for any mobile phone / mobile TelCo store – O2, Vodafone, Orange, Carphone Warehouse, Nokia all have great digital window installations of some sort or another (usually built and supplied by MediaZest).
  9. Walkabout In the evening if you are looking for somewhere to have a drink and you don’t mind the Aussies then the Walkabout chain is pretty good – all have music, DJ systems and screens supplied by Kaleidovision and are great examples of Captive Audience networks. Some Walkabout’s are bigger, better. more hip than others and two we can thoroughly recommend as good examples are Walkabout Temple or Walkabout Shaftesbury Avenue.
  10. Dinner At Inamo Have dinner at the Inamo restaurant and bar in London’s Soho and you will be greeted by colorful menus and aesthetic patterns projected onto touch-sensitive digital tabletops. The food’s not bad either!!!

Lastly if you are on the hunt for wi-fi (when you not in your hotel) then do avoid Starbucks, Costa or Caffe Nero (where you will have to pay) – London is awash with much better local coffee shops that usually offer free wi-fi to entice in the traveler and student – there’s also a nice list of free wi-fi in the London area here.

McDonald’s also offer free wi-fi. Our favourite McDonalds is in the Strand (another Kaleidovision install) right next door to Charing Cross station – it has comfy sofas and TVs downstairs.

**The number actually depends on whether you fly / who you fly with or whether you come by train 😉

7 Responses to “What To Do In London The Day Before Screen Expo 2009”

  1. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Bryan, thanks for that clarification. We had seen an O2 store of yours in Manchester and your O2 demos in your demo suite so apologies. There are half a dozen O2 stores in Oxford Street, many of the others are MediaZest installs = especially the ones with the digital window displays. Either way they are all worth a look and Oxford Street is a great showcase for the industry

  2. richard konig Says:

    re point 9 -> Whilst at the Walkabout, have a look at Half Minute Media’s systems that insert substitute advertising targeted at the Aussie audience into every ad break on live TV shown on the dozens of plasmas and projector screens in these venues. All the screens except Kalediovision’s dedicated screens behind the bar that is!

    We’ll buy anyone who wants to find out more about these system a pint at one of our 60 installed sites in London during expo week!! Just contact me via the website at http://www.halfminute.com 🙂

  3. andy hawkins Says:

    …. and whilst you’re sampling the delights of Westfield, do have a look at our latest work for O2…..it’s going up tonight (Monday), and we think it will be another eye-catching campaign.

  4. Dave Haar Says:

    For those of you going that want to play tourist and maybe not see all of the Digital Signage in the city – I would highly recommend St Paul’s Church or the Cabinet War Rooms. Both are good for a couple of hours and are very cool.
    Dave Haar – Minicom Digital Signage

  5. Jason Cremins Says:

    Point 1. Terminal 5 & Point 4. Harrods – you can also checkout their DS install at their store at Terminal 5.

    Point 6. Westfield – check-out the Sky Retail install and ask for a demo of the live Sky HD content using signagelive interrupts.

  6. Colin Churchill Says:

    I think the digital revolution is so exiting – so many good things to see. I agree that the JCD sites at Heathrow look good. Take One Media operates out of BAA airports as well. We will be launching a new range of leaflet display stands that will have a digital screen to enhance the leaflet display proposition. Not exciting I hear you say – well I think it is a first – the capability to combine brand messages and the ability for passengers to take away more information. We are truly ‘Opt-in’ as people only take the information they want. Look out for our stands all over Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Southampton from July. I a really looking forward to the show.

  7. Tim Potter Says:

    Also at Heathrow T5 airside take a look at World Duty Free’s digital media system utilising as its centrepiece LCD display video walls. A fantastic example of ‘retail theatre’.

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