Optika Display Specialty Display Product Suite

Maddie Cotterill

Optika Display, a leader in the LCD enhancement market specializing in outdoor displays, and subsidiary company of STRATACACHE, this week unveiled its innovative specialty display product suite.

To be showcased at SID Display Week at the San Diego Convention Center in booth #732, Optika’s new solution suite includes interactive touch screens, outdoor high bright panels, dual sided displays and stretch panels.

“Optika inherently understands how to effectively align visual display performance, technology and solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” said Bob Caldarella, SVP of Sales at Optika. “Today, those expectations are far more demanding, so we are bringing specialty display technology to the most extreme, challenging environments and applications.”

Designed for the retail, banking, c-store, airport and public access sectors, this new product suite incorporates Optika’s specialized optical bonding and LCD enhancement processes to provide superior display clarity and protection from extreme environmental conditions in outdoor display units.

Optika’s 32″ Translucent Touch Display reaches consumers at the point-of-purchase and remaps the boundaries of advertising by focusing on product differentiation at underutilized, retail locations. Using a translucent display and an embedded media player, Optika Display drives high resolution video embedded in a fixture of varying sizes and shapes for vending machines, jewelry cases, cosmetics counters, windows, freezers and coolers, while simultaneously fostering consumer interaction via touch capabilities.

Optically enhanced to display content in any bright location, the 38″ Stretch Panel is equipped with full content management and video playback capabilities. Integrated with high quality, high efficiency LEDs yielding two times the brightness of other commercial grade displays, this panel provides the solu­tion where direct and indirect sunlight becomes challenging.

Primarily suitable for outdoor applications, Optika’s 47″ High Bright Open Frame combines anti-glare or anti-reflective protective cover glass with optical bonding to serve the needs of outdoor display solutions, such as drive-thru menu boards, retail window signage, outdoor digital advertising, stadium/arena signage, and any other public venue where outdoor messaging is crucial.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, Optika’s 55″ Dual Sided Display is the first dual sided, large format LCD panel. Uniquely designed to compete against direct and indirect sunlight, this dual sided display provides a distinct advantage when messaging to consumers both indoors and out.

About Optika

Optika Display, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STRATACACHE, is a leader in the LCD enhancement market specializing in outdoor displays. Experts in optical bonding, LED back lighting, film laminates and internal brightness enhancement, Optika provides industries with economical, innovative outdoor display solutions.

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